Bamboo style Japanese Cuisine

Bamboo style Japanese Cuisine is one of our unique hospitality. Our cuisine is based on Kyoto style Japanese cuisine "Kaisei". You will be able to feel change of the four seasons in Japan through seasonal ingredients.

LUNCH COURSE -11:30-15:00-

¥3960 - 5 dishes (only weekday)

¥5280 - 6 dishes

¥6930 - 7 dishes

The price including tax, service charge and 2-hour room chearge

Please tell us your request of foods, purpose of your dining, religious limit of foods, and allergy.

Dinner Course -17:30-20:30-

¥8580 - 8 dishes

¥11000 - 9 dishes

¥13420 - 9 dishes

¥15800 - Chef's Special

- The price including tax, service charge, 3-hour room chearge

- According to the price, we select the ingredients of each dish.

Photos in spring


Photos in summer


Photos in fall


Photos in winter