Main Building "HONKAN"

Our main building "HONKAN" was build before 50 years, and has 4 private rooms. There are lots of hand-made bamboo decorations
HOKUTO HOKUTO(maximum 20 guests)
KENGYU KENGYU (from 2 to 6 guests)
ORIHIME ORIHIME(from 2 to 8 guests)
OTOME OTOME (from 2 to 4 guests)
Bamboo decorations Bamboo decorations
Waiting space Waiting space

New Building "SETSU GEKKA"

You are able to use our new building "SETSU GEKKA" for parties from 10 to 50 guests
YUKI (from 4 to 8 guests)
YUKITSUKI (from 10 to 20 guests)
SETSUGEKKA (maximum 50 guests)
Bamboo decorations

Bamboo style
Wedding Party

You are able to held our bamboo-style wedding party in the new building "Setsugekka".

Please enjoy our original wedding party.


Barrier free room "KURETAKE"

We opened a brandnew private room "KURETAKE" in July, 2019. This is a barrier free desing and has accessible restroom.
Waiting room
Dining room for 2 - 14 guests