Bamboo style Japanese cuisine

Shonan area is the most famous seaside in Kanagawa pref. Only 30 min from Yokohama, you will feel like that you are visiting a Japanese restaurant or ryokan in Kyoto.

There are seven private rooms for your dining, and you are able to enjoy local vegetables and fishes, selected ingredients in Japan with Kyoto style cooking (kaiseki).


Bamboo Atmosphere

TAKEMAN is a classical Japanese restaurant (ryotei).

Our unique hospitality is symbolized by bamboo because "TAKE" means bamboo.

You will find out it from rooms, decors, foods, drinks, plates, and sounds.


Sounds of Bamboo

Shakuhachi is a traditional bamboo flutes.

Toshi, the owner of TAKEMAN, has played Shakuhachi more than 40 years.

He also has a licence of komuso, a mendicant Zen priest of the Fuke sect (wearing a sedge hood and playing a shakuhachi), which is issued by Kokutai temple in Toyama pref.

If you are interested in bamboo sounds, please request him to play it.

Lunch Course

¥3960 - 5 dishes (only weekday)

¥5280 - 6 dishes

¥6930 - 7 dishes

The price including tax, service charge and 2-hour room chearge

Please tell us your request of foods, purpose of your dining, religious limit of foods, and allergy.
Dinner Course

¥8580 - 8 dishes

¥1100 - 9 dishes

¥13420 - 9 dishes

¥15800 - Chef's Special

- The price including tax, service charge, 3-hour room chearge

- According to the price, we select the ingredients of each dish.



One-day Trial of Japanese Tea Ceremony, Sado

Japanese tea ceremony is the most important element of our hospitality. You are able to try drinking and making green-tea. You will learn the spirit of Japanese culture through the experience.

Quick Trial: 2000 yen including lesson-fee, green-tea, and sweet. Lunch Trial: 4000 yen including lesson-fee, green-tea, sweet, and lunch-box.

Japanese Cuisine TAKEMAN

Address:37-3 Hanamizudai Hiratsuka-city, Kanagawa-pref. 254-0824

Open:11:30-15:30, 17:00-20:30
*We recommend making a reservation


-Train and Taxi: About 8 min from JR Tokaido-line Hiratsuka st.
-Parking:About 15 cars or 1 motor coach